Moi dix Mois ~ Le dixième anniversaire – Live 2011-2012

tetsugaku no kakeraAs mentioned in my previous post on the Madō Gathering Concert performed by Moi dix Mois in Shibuya last month, Mana is planning a grandiose series of live performances to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary.  The details have been released for the first concert that will open the curtain on this historical tetsugaku no kakera (fragment of philosophy) concert series.  The gates will open once more to Mana’s elegantly tenebrous world on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE.  Since I will likely be helping on the set of Norman England‘s latest short film, I won’t be able to attend, but if you are a fan in Tokyo I would invite you to take this opportunity to witness a very special moment in the history of this unique symphonic metal band.  I hope to join the later concerts, and perhaps we may someday meet in Mana’s realm of bizarre Gothic illusion…


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